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Shaw Mark Torture Test

We are excited to announce results of the latest Anything Goes! torture test – the “Ultimate Traffic” torture test!

The test was conducted at Shaw plant 34, Shaw’s busiest distribution center. The Anything Goes! style was placed at the guard gate to capture loaded Shaw trucks as they left the distribution center.  The material was laid directly on the road with no underlayment or support. During the test, 101 tractor-trailers, representing over 5,000,000 lbs of trucks and freight, drove over the carpet.

After testing, the material was delivered to Shaw’s Technical Services for evaluation.   The driver’s side track was cleaned and the passenger side track was left dirty. Once again, the Anything Goes! carpet withstood the punishment and retained its tight twist and original appearance after cleaning!

As a side note, a competitor conducted a torture test using a 2,800 lb Rhino.  One fully loaded Shaw truck weighs approximately 80,000 lbs., which equates to 28 Rhinos. It’s clear our Anything Goes! “Ultimate Traffic” test wins the battle for true performance testing!

More details coming soon!