Beauti-Fall Sale 24 Month Financing

Beauti-Fall Sale 2019

24 Month Special Financing, based on credit approval. Visit store for details. For a limited time only! October 1 to November 16, 2019. 

Casitablanca AA759 00510 Monterey Gray

Each and every board of this Kupay wood floor is lovingly scraped by an artisan, which means no two are identical. The obvious texture and deep beveled edges just scream “hand-crafted wood.” Beyond the artistry, you get a rich, strong and thick-looking plank in either 5” or a mixture of 3”, 5” and 7” widths that might just make you want to get down and feel your flooring.

Bernina Maple AA792 Bianco

No matter what style or tone you’re going for in your home, there’s a Bernina color that will work perfectly for you––be it an on-trend light natural or a timeless, rich darker tone. This is one of our most popular hardwoods thanks to its ability to blend so easily into any environment. It’s heavily hand-scraped and comes in a 5” plank that’s guaranteed for 50 years. For those that want more rustic, grain-heavy lines, look at Bernina Hickory for texture and detail.


Want a little something extra in your room but not sure which pattern to choose? Speak’s braid and diamond stripes pack a big punch in any room without overwhelming it. Try cutting it to size for an area rug or using along with a toned-down pattern like Fetch or Chase. Speak is color and fade-resistant, so no matter what kind of mess you’re cleaning up, your pattern will stay vibrant and clear.


Our pets bring us joy and companionship, a listening ear - and a whole lot of fur. If your best friend is a shedder, take heart. With Unleashed, you can have a pet-friendly home that doesn’t look, or smell, like a pet home. You won’t have to sacrifice style for this level of protection, either. Each pattern comes in sophisticated color tones that coordinate perfectly, allowing you to mix and match across your home without worry. Want some serious pattern in the dining room with a simpler look in the living room? You've got options. Unleashed allows your personal style to shine without worrying about pet stains or fur.

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